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When I started my “big girl” job at a marketing agency after college, I thought I was a strong communicator. But I had a lot to learn.

The key to success in the working world is to build relationships, and that’s really what communication is all about.

On Day 1, it definitely didn’t occur to me to send emails like a receipt of acknowledgement, a recap, or a thank-you to build credibility and develop stronger relationships with clients and coworkers.

It took me over a year to recognize the immense value in these messages (and to make a habit of sending them regularly). I want to short-cut the learning curve for you. This is not what you’re taught in school. And if you can implement these strategies, you’re sure to stand out — because nobody else does it this way. …

5 truths about the creative process I’ve learned from comedians like Steve Martin and Jerry Seinfeld

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Photo by israel palacio on Unsplash

Writers and comedians have a lot in common.

At first glance, comedians are merely performers — funny people who have the confidence to stand up in front of live audiences and make them laugh. Us writers, on the other hand, are such solitary creatures. Our words take the spotlight.

Comedians are writers, too. Some of the best comedians in the biz spent years writing jokes and honing their personal creative style to entertain their audiences.

I made a friend recently who’s in stand-up. He’s self-taught, and he told me what his life was like when he performed 3–4 sets each night in New York comedy clubs to fast-track his learning curve. …

Truth bombs from a Hawaiian-shirt-wearing father about working for yourself.

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Photo by Yasin Gündogdu from Pexels

Every day, my dad goes to “work” in our guesthouse (his office). He wears Hawaiian shirts and takes a long bike ride every Thursday morning.

He’s a small business owner, a web developer, and he’s worked for himself for the 24 years I’ve been alive. He gave me the entrepreneurial bug. I’ve always been impressed with his flexibility and control over his schedule.

I’ve dabbled with the entrepreneurial lifestyle, but it wasn’t until 6 months ago (when I was laid off due to COVID) that I decided to go all-in on my dream of working for myself.

Well, it hasn’t been the straightforward path I thought it’d be. (Is it ever?) …

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