Hey Ellane, sorry for the confusion, you're right - notes are saved as .md (markdown) files - it's basically the same, the .md extension tells the program how to read markup formatting. These files can still be read by any text editor!

I've run into the same thing, I was using markdown when I wrote my articles, and then had to remove the formatting when I copied into Medium! I'm looking for ways to make the process easier (importing markdown?), and maybe I'll write a follow-up if I figure it out.

Thanks for reading and for the thoughtful comment! If you come across any interesting features in Obsidian, please share! I'm still learning, I love the program and I think it will only get better with time.

Writer & Entrepreneur. I write to process and share what I’m learning :) How to take notes in Obsidian (free guide!): https://brooke-harrison.ck.page/2521a68501

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