How to Level Up in Times of Crises

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The key is to take advantage of your current experience and skills (to get moving quickly) while also investing in new areas for the future.

These are the 3 opportunities I’ve identified to both (1) leverage my current skill set and (2) build new expertise and increase my value:

Writing / Freelancing

Writing opens doors.

Teaching English Online

I read this article about teaching English online as a side hustle. This made sense for me because I tutored in high school and college and have a passion for helping others learn.

Web Development

Learning to code is my “Hail Mary pass” as it’s more of a long term goal that I can’t be sure will work out. My interest in web development and design didn’t completely come out of left field — my dad is a web developer and I’ve launched several Wordpress sites of my own, so I’ve mastered the basics.

Final Thoughts

We’re all going to emerge from this period having changed in some way. Ultimately, I decided to have a hand in what that “change” looked like for myself.

Writer & Entrepreneur. I write to process and share what I’m learning :) How to take notes in Obsidian (free guide!):

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